Volition Counseling

                                            VOLITION COUNSELING

Volition Counseling’s first choice:
     As of the first part of the 21st century, Biocentric Psychology is psychology the science,
     which is to say, psychology is Biocentric Psychology is psychology is the science that studies
     the attributes and characteristics that certain living organisms possess by virtue of being conscious.

Volition Counseling's Second choice:
     Man has volition over two and only two things: what he lets in and what he lets out.*

Consequently Volition Counseling's 3rd choice is:
     philosophy answers the two questions: what should human beings let in and what should
                                                                 human beings let out

     psychology answers the two questions: what should I let in and what should
                                                                 I let out

Volition Counseling's fourth choice:
     Ayn Rand's Objectivism is the best philosophy, therefore, Objectivism is Philosophy.
     Repitition can be good, therefore since Biocentric Psychology is the best psychology,
     Biocentric Psychology is psychology.

Volition Counseling's other choices:
     If you let the wrong things in there is still hope.
     If you let the wrong things out, hope fades.
     If you let nothing out, hope fades more.
     Successful Volition Counseling restores faded hope.

Volition Counseling is dedicated to helping you restore volitional control over your own life and

Volition Counseling does this by helping you increase your volitional power.

Volitional power exists on a continuum from the highest potential available to the human race (the
degree of which at present –notwithstanding the BiO Spiritualist who thinks it objectivismly
infinite-- is not known) to the highest potential available to you to the lowest level just this side of
insanity and/or suicide and/or choosing villainy over suicide. Which is to say, if you consistently
let in the wrong things and insist on doing so over long periods of time, the price you pay is the
shrinking and undercutting of your own power to make fundamental choices.

Metaphorically, volitional power is analogous to both gravity and anti-gravity: when developed to
its high points it can be used to resist the gravitational pull of negative ideas and when needed (e.g.
in sexual relationships) it can be used to allow gravity to do its job and pull us to the center of our

Even though volition is not an omnipotent power it still is a powerful power.

If you lost and/or surrendered yours and want it back, peruse my website and websides starting with

* Note: Obviously, by "let in" I mean "ideas" not streaming sense data. Conversely, by "let out" I
mean our actions, which is to say, both what we do and what we say.

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