Or, I should say, was.

   In her day Ayn Rand—the originator of Objectivism, the philosophy--argued that freedom is what the “ ... have nots have not ...” and in her day it was true.
   If not Ayn Rand then for sure what her day failed to recognize is that it was a disappearing condition for everybody, not just the have nots.
   So that today--in a world post Ayn Rand--the haves don’t have freedom either.

   Nobody is free as long as you have a government that is not totally and completely 100% laissez-faire capitalism.

   (Or, as I’ve said elsewhere, a 100% ofc system where ofc stands for Objectivism Fair Capitalism.)

   America therefore, is off track and as a consequence no longer offers a society that meets one of man’s basic mental needs.

   If then this is in fact true, that one of man’s basic—if not thee basic—mental need is not being met, does the answer to this question even matter: What is America’s position on truth and justice?
   No, it doesn’t matter.
   So that , Until and Unless ... the American way of freedom is restored in America you will have to be responsible for yourself in discovering (nature's) truths and in working overtime to see to it that you, yourself and you are treated justly (that is, that you develop, nurture and in the overall scheme of things hold onto your god-given--that is, nature given--authentic/reason-based esteem for the self).
   For the latter I suggest you start with you yourself treating yu yorself justly, that is, fairly, that is, justly.
   Then, IF at least one person treats you justly, there is hope for America to get back on track and continue being the freedom loving nation it started out being.
   And so ...

   {{{ [insert image of man beating a dead horse] }}}

   The point is this (last paragraph there).