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...before the dot com bust (circa Ď99/00) there was an online writing ďthingĒ called themestream.com where you could create your own writing identity and post your writings for others to read. Themestream initially paid 10Ę per hit for every hit on every article/essay/poem an author posted to the site. I discovered the site when they were down to paying only 2Ę per hit. As part of this writing experience I used an example from my College daysóspecifically an event in my sophomore year where .... wait ... halt ... some (brief) background first.

I started engineering college after high school and I thought it was going to be a breeze for me so needless to say when we got the results for our first ever college physics exam I wasnít the only one who was shocked.

I got a 7. Thatís right, a score of 7 out of a hundred possible.

The class average was 9.

Subconsciously I vowed to ace at least one physics test before I left this university (MIT as Iíve said elsewhere, that is, Minnesota Institute of Technology).

Flash forward to the end of my sophomore year and the Final Exam in Physics where--as told to me by my roomate because for some reason I didnít go to the class where--our Physics Professor (who happened to be from England) handed back the test results.

Per my roomate.

The Professor held up my paper in front of the whole theater sized, filled to the top row class room and called out my name and even though I wasnít there (thank god) he proceeded to say that this (my exam) paper was 100% perfect--the class average was 51 I think but canít remember for sure, my roomate who in actuallity was two if not three times more intelligent than I flunked the test. Furthermoreóthe Physics Prof with his English accent continuedósince no one had ever in the history of his Physics classes written such an exam he had to take 2 points off ďon principleĒ.

At the time I did not think, so much for principles, but ratheróthank god I wasnít at the class (maybe subconsciously I knew how good a test I had done and thatís why I didnít show up).

Anyway, as I was saying ....

... since then Iíve been re-trained as an Objectivist (sympathizer) and I feel differently about things now ....

so As I was saying ...


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The writing limitation I was trying to overcome was on amazon.com: you couldnít use swear words there and you were limited in the amount of material you could post under your name so I used my author presence on themestream.com in an attempt to overcome amazonís limitations ... since Iíve had two or three (unrecoverable and not 100% backed up) hard drive failures since then I lost the amazon part of this and canít re-create it here but since itís not really that germain to this particular writing point (which is???) ... which is: ... ???



Which is this: Man made limits are not Metaphysical limits!!!

Yikes! I didnít know (until now that THIS is WHAT I was discovering at the time).

Anyway ...

AsIwasSaying ...