1a: How many popular votes did Gore really loose?

Ans: 4.4 million


1b: Who were Gore & Lieberman really?

Ans: a


Part 1
10 points
Calculate how many popular votes Gore SHOULD HAVE gotten but DID NOT and hence how many popular votes he really lost. Take it as a given by the know-it-all-American-media that The Professor's empirically formulated and predicted 54.5% should have been how many popular votes the incumbent Gore - Lieberman ticket would have gotten had they NOT been who they were.

b) 20 points
Who were they? (to have lost so many votes? This is actually a multiple choice, not essay, question. See follow on XTRA CREDIT question for the essay question.)

So, (choose ONE of the following) they were ____.

a) "baggage" stewards for the soon to be traveling President Clinton
b) liars in their own right
c) a liar and a non-liar adding up to a zero
d) victims
e) losers
f) shinning examples of the propensity to tell-lies-as-required to get your way that all of America (or at least the ones who were awake during the campaign) discovered first hand about the Professional Democrat and that was confirmed by film footage on Ted Kopel's Nightline a couple of weeks before the 2001 Presidential Inauguration of the non-incumbent ticket.
g) AOA (All Of Above)
h) NOA (None of Above)

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