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April 25th, 2002

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Dear Mr./Ms. You:

Religion is a thief.

Ayn Rand, the founder of the Philosophy of Objectivism and staunch defender of religion stretched the meaning of human compassion beyond its elastic limit when she declared: religion is a primitive philosophy.

It is not. It is a thief.

Religion stole my life.

But thanks to that renegade Objectivist --Dr. Nathaniel Branden-- I got it back and developed a new spiritualism in the process.

(BiO) Spiritualism --as named by me-- is the process of making one's self the ####, ######## ##### ## # ###### and efficacious #############. A ############# that is ###### ## happiness because ## ## ######### at ######### it.

I have a 60 page manuscript for a primer on this new 21st Century spiritualism. This primer is the result, for me, of September 11th. Before that date I had (and still do) a 350 page manuscript introducing BiO Spiritualism and demonstrating why we need it and showing why it makes sense to view this as the spiritualism of the future. But September 11th demonstrated that I needed to give a simpler context -- as in a no bullsh... as in a no BS simpler context-- to the new spiritualism and this is exactly what Book 1, the primer, does.

I am looking for an agent to represent me and, for starters, BiO Spiritualism's three Books: the two above and the intermediary one that ties them together. If you are still interested in philosophy, psychology, self-help/personal improvement and spirituality as indicated in Your interest by clicking here, I would like you to be that agent.

I know that this notion of a new spiritualism sounds fantastic but I do have a tendency to be ahead of the curve when it comes to doing (some) things.

For example, when I worked as a Mechanical Research, Test and Design Engineer for a Fortune 500 Computer Company I had to predict trends in computer development related to heat dissipation (those little integrated circuits produce lots of heat per square centimeter --levels approaching that of sunlight through a magnifying glass focused on your arm) and to use these trend predictions to design cooling systems to meet the company's future needs. Eventually, I used this ability to predict, to predict the demise of the company and the industry's need of my specialized talents. I voluntarily quit my Engineering career --after some 20 years in it-- and took my severance package and used it to pursue newer, more exciting career goals.

This was the very early 1990's. Within a few years of my departure every Engineer I knew was gone from the company.

I became a psychotherapist in private practice.

Prior to this, in 1988, as a hobby I had an online computer Bulletin Board Service (BBS) where I sold my horse racing handicapping picks (based on a computer program I invented to predict race outcome) to interested handicappers. This BBS also had a rudimentary mail system that I used to correspond regularly with a sister living in California (I lived in Minnesota then as now). This lasted a couple of years and then I shut it down. When real e-mail became super popular some half dozen years later my sister commented that she'd "been there, done that" and wasn't really interested in corresponding this way again. Of course --eventually-- she got familiar with the "new", "improved" email we all know and love today and she, like everybody else, now corresponds this way regularly. I don't mean to sound here like our ex-Vice President Mr Gore in claiming I invented e-mail, I did not. I mean to say, as a user of (some) things I tend to be ahead of the curve.

Spiritualism uses philosophy and psychology. That is, real, scientific spiritualism does, BiO Spiritualism does.

Dr. Nathaniel Branden , developer of Biocentric psychology --the science of both psychology and self esteem-- tied authentic self-esteem directly to our capacity to reason and our exercise of this capacity. Dr. Branden did this in the 1960's, '70's and '80's. In 1983 --en route to my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology that I received in 1987 from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota-- I wrote a paper on family therapy (titled: FOO:LS, Family Of Origin: Leaders and Siblings) and predicted then that the liberal altruists would sever this self esteem-to-reason-to self esteem relationship and tie "self-esteem" instead to their diversity training, multiculturalism and environmental activism and that "they" would do this "before the century turns". I didn't mean of course that they would do this in reality --because that's impossible-- but rather that they would do it in culture, which they clearly have done.

Whether they were completely successful before the new millennium commenced was not the point. The trend was the point. In the art of predicting human action, the trend is the point. And the new trend --from here on in-- will be --I predict-- towards a totally and completely new 21st Century Spiritualism in America.

A new spiritualism we can't call New Age Spiritualism for two reasons: one, New Age has been taken and two, New Age Spiritualism --because, epistemologically it rests on mysticism-- is wrong (as my critique of Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav demonstrates in the primer).

I also predict that inspite of the eventual return in our country to the pre-September 11th culture of relativism, more and more people --young and old alike-- will come to realize that wrong and right in value judgements (just as in 2+2=5) are not the same thing.

And some of my other predictions are:

Not all my predictions are true (obviously). For example, the day after our honeymoon weekend I predicted to my (then first) wife that this marriage would last 10 years, at which time she would be interested in another. I was wrong, it only took eight.

The name of course won't define the new spiritualism --individual men and women thinking and writing about it will-- nor will it define the new spiritualists. These will be those very same men and women. The one thing they all will have in common, however, will be the desire to create a scientific spiritualism, a rational spiritualism, a spiritualism for man on this earth while he actually lives and breathes and exists.

Because I like the dramatic and the intellectual and am an expert at applying theoretical knowledge --as my 20 year Engineering career attests too-- I am the logical person to write this new spiritualism.

This new spiritualism that will not be a spiritualism for (or about) dead people.

As I've already started it, it will be for the living and so now it is just a matter of who gets to publication first. I've checked the bookshelves at all major bookstores (and even some minor ones) and consulted's past, present and future titles and I don't see this new spiritualism identified anywhere ... yet. So, will it be me or some unknown competitor out there who could be working this very moment on his or her own letter to some literary agent in some place other than where you are right now.

This is another reason to have a BiO Spiritualism primer: get it published immediately and beat the competition to market.

If you are interested in helping me do this by being my agent please let me know as soon as you can.

As an Engineer I did more than just predict things, I also did a great deal of technical writing. Over the past three years I've begun to write freelance as much as I can, wherever I can. I got in on the tail end of before it, along with the many other dot.coms, went belly up. I wrote some twenty articles there and linked some to my own website and to some book reviewing that I had started on My favorite article from this experience is the one I wrote about the differences between eBooks and aBooks. (Where I identified 5 "Elmer Fudd" Factors about traditional Books that make them irreplaceable. The article equates traditional books with aBooks, as in you know what they say: you can't judge aBook without its cover. The article is lighthearted, informative for non-techies, insightful for techies and reassuring to (us) traditionalists who just know that traditional books still have a future and will be around for some time to come --albeit, not automatically forever.)

During this same time I also wrote an eBook --How to Grow out of your problems and into your life. (And promote and protect your own mental health in the process.)-- and had it accepted and listed on The cost to me was basically the $2.53 that I had to spend at Kinkos to use their Adobe software to produce a PDF file of my eManuscript which was written in HTML format. Just recently --in anticipation of a more successful writing future-- I removed it from to revise it and its title (some day, maybe). I also canceled my contract with them. The contract basically said I owned everything about the book and could do practically anything with it I wanted --including canceling the contract for no reason-- but for personal reasons and since I don't want to share its potential (you never know how successful I might become) with someone else right now, I decided to withdraw it.

If I ever revise this eBook, its new title will be: When the Lexus smashes into the Olive Tree, then what?

I wrote this as part of my healing process to deal with the wounds I suffered after my (second) wife and I failed to keep our baby -- a residential home building company we had grown from nothing in 1989 to a 10 million dollar a year business by 1995-- alive and were forced to file bankruptcy. My wife thinks there could be a different kind of book in here also: "they tell you how to start a business but there's no books on "...wait a minute ... halt ... I'm sorry, I got carried away here. After you become my agent, then we can discuss the many writing ideas for books.

I'd love to chat some more but "they" say we should keep these query letters to one page, two max and three at the absolute most, so I guess I have to go.

But first let me clear up a confusion you might have about my dual careers in the 1990's as General Contractor, residential home-builder by day and psychotherapist by night.

Within two years of my start as a therapist, the State of Minnesota threatened to send me to jail (facts on file) if I didn't cease 'n desist in using the word "psychologist" in my Newsletters (since at the time I had only received "license" --as in State approval-- to be an unlicensed mental health provider I could not, per the State, legally use the word "psychologist" in my self-promotional newsletter). I refused --after so ceasing and desisting and declaring, via public notice (and humiliation, albeit slight, but not non-existent), my sin against the State. That is, after backing down completely I left the business and opted to help my wife and her production partner run our newly created home building company instead.

There is a limit in reality to just how much one can take. In fact, a (good) Curmudgeon knows this better than any one and he or she may even recognize that it [curmudgeonism] might very well be that first step the ancients referred to when they dreamt of that thousand mile journey to true happiness --they just missed it that's all.

Rational curmudgeonism --as euphemism for healthy skepticism-- as the first step in the long journey to seeking and obtaining happiness is the theme of BiO Spiritualism's first book and I can not communicate its goodness and potential any more effectively then I've done so far. Unless of course you think the Title Page and Table of Contents (page 4 following) for the primer, does it better. (Please consider this page #4 like a PS, which, I believe, is free as far as Query Letter page counts go?).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to you being my agent and me your author. Since this is not a multiple agent solicitation please respond as soon as your schedule allows. I've enclosed an easy to use self-addressed stamped post card for you to use.

Again, thanks.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Deering
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                                          Title Page

BiO Spiritualism

Body, Mind and Spirit - Man's Means, Nature's End


A recovery guide

for nice guys

seeking happiness

Phase Ø: Curmudgeonism

For (real) Men Only*



Gary Deering


* By men I mean as in mankind and by real I mean tough minded women and emotionally sensitive males between the ages of 19 and 109.


                                          Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Your psychology's three most important elements

Chapter 3: I Object!(ivism): Your purpose in life is not to just oppose

Chapter 4: Where can I buy me one of them Happiness Meters?

Chapter 5: Recovery means FROM un-happiness

Chapter 6: Technically --as in for precision's sake-- TO what? is up to you

Appendix A: Psychology's Axiom tree, growing as we speak


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Except for Appendix A—which is a subject matter of BiO Spiritualism’s Volume II—this primer does not exist as a separate book, but is rather (along with some added material), Part II of BiO Spiritualism’s first Volume: Yes. (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?)