It seems even more far fetched today (12/22/98) after last weekends impeachment of President Clinton by the House of Representatives. It seems as if we could be witnessing the death of the Democratic Party. It especially seems this way when you observe the thughery of thought that comes out of the mouths of some (if two constitutes a some)democrats as they are being forced by events to not evade their premises. You'd think they'd challenge their premises, but instead you have movie actors (one) talking --albeit obliquely but not that obliquely-- about killing?!? Republican leaders and their families for their harassing the President so much. As well as leading democrats (one) talking about how we should enjoy this Christmas season with our little families gathered around our little trees because come January '99 they (the Democrats) are going to take back this country and make "it" and the Republicans pay.

This is bazare talk. Unless you believe what I said in my Philosophy STI Venn solicitation letter: Democrats believe they can directly force me to be sacraficial fodder for their altruistic ideals. (Remember there, I also claimed that the Republicans are the same but different. Different only in the number of steps you have to go through to turn me into fodder.)

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