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April 5th, 2002

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Dear Mr./Ms. You:

Religion is a thief.

Ayn Rand, the founder of the Philosophy of Objectivism and staunch defender of religion stretched the meaning of human compassion beyond its elastic limit when she declared: religion is a primitive philosophy.

It is not. It is a thief.

Religion stole my life.

But thanks to that renegade Objectivist --Dr. Nathaniel Branden-- I got it back and developed a new spiritualism in the process.

(BiO) Spiritualism --as named by me-- is the process of making one's self the ####, ######## ##### ## # ###### and efficacious #############. A ############# that is ###### ## happiness because ## ## ######### at ######### it.

Religion --down through the ages-- has stolen all of man's highest moral values.

Objectivism --the compassionate Ayn Rand notwithstanding-- has successfully taken them all back and tells us they are ours as human beings, if we want them.

All we have to do is think and study and read and study and think and study and read for about 20 years and then apply what we have learned.

Dr. Nathaniel Branden --founder of psychology, the science that he calls Biocentric psychology-- agrees that Objectivism is the world's greatest philosophy ever, but he disagrees in the amount of time it should take those victims of religion to retrieve their lives from religion.

In his inexhaustible devotion to truth and his enviable --albeit sophisticated, "uptown"-- curmudgeonism, Dr. Branden, unfortunately, also suggests (albeit erroneously) that it is a myth that everyone wants to be happy.

It is not. The myth is, the myth that, not everyone wants to be happy.

They do, they just don't know how to do it that's all, because they don't know what it is.

Happiness is a state of noncontradictory joy.

This definition is a gift from Ayn Rand.

Can it get any simpler than this?


Does simple in clarity translate into ease in achieving?

Not necessarily. Clarity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for achieving happiness.

The necessary and sufficient conditions are clarity and effort.

Happiness requires work.

Happiness requires my new book: BiO Spiritualism (Title Page and Table of Contents attached), Body, Mind and Spirit: Man's Means, Nature's End. This new book is BiO Spiritualism's primer and it is complete and awaits your OK for me to send its manuscript to you. (I've enclosed an easy to use self addressed post card for you to use for this purpose.)

BiO Spiritualism will be to the 21st Century what New Age "spiritualism" was to the 20th . Will be, that is, with one crucial difference: BiO Spiritualism --like the good, applied engineering sciences it seeks to emulate -- is and will continue to be built on the solid, scientific foundations of Objectivism and Biocentric psychology and not on the suck-you-in and pull-you-down sand and water slurry of mysticism and floundering (e.g. see Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav) that the New Age type stuff was and still is. (That is, see the critiqued Chopra and Zukav pieces in my manuscript.)

So if you want to get in on the ground floor of this new spiritualism, now is your chance.

But first, integrity demands, I must add a note of caution.

Even though somewhere around 8 out of 10 Americans (per my local newspaper) are sympathetic to religion it does not follow that our market size consists of more than 200 million people (or more than 4 billion if the statistic is extendable to the entire planet) because it is a myth that every adult wants to be happy. They don't.

Since values --those things we act to gain and/or keep-- require good, old fashion work to get and/or keep, so happiness --the mother of all values-- requires the most work.

Many people don't like work. Those who do generally don't call it work, but work it is and it remains the only road to happiness. A road, a journey that one has to start on one's own, do the work along the way on ones own, arrive at the destination on one's own and know --on one's own-- when one has arrived.

This of course doesn't mean one can't use a road map, or, perhaps we should say, a treasure map.

BiO Spiritualism is your treasure map with the X at the end of its trail that noncontradictory state of joy all rational men and women long for, search for, quest for ... work for.

I look forward to receiving the enclosed, self addressed stamped post card with your --top line checked-- response.

Thank you for your time...and work.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Deering
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I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota and a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT (Minnesota Institute of Technology), University of Minnesota. I tested NASA and military satellites and their component parts for General Electric and the Apollo space program in 1968 and 1969 and then, after the historic moon landing in 1969 , I spent the next 20 years as a computer hardware designer before I became a psychotherapist in private practice in the early 1990's.

Within two years of my start as a therapist, the State of Minnesota threatened to send me to jail (facts on file) if I didn't cease 'n desist in using the word "psychologist" in my Newsletters (since at the time I had only received State approval to be an unlicensed mental health provider I could not, per the State, legally use the word "psychologist" in my self-promotional newsletter). I refused --after so ceasing and desisting and declaring, via public notice, my sin against the State. That is, after backing down completely I left the business and opted to write instead. There is a reality limit to just how much one can take. In fact a good Curmudgeon knows this better than any one and he or she may even recognize that it [curmudgeonism] might very well be that first step the ancients referred to when they dreamt of that thousand mile journey to true happiness --they just missed it that's all.

                                          "Front" Cover

spiritualism/applied philosophy/applied psychology


Says one reviewer of Yes.

In regards to contemporary psychology or what some call State psychology (and others, The Government’s Cognitive Neuroscience) I have never seen anyone concretize so ... concretely, the academic abstraction: “it’s all bullshit”.

Locke N. Lode, MeanStreets, USA

Another reviewer (from somewhere overseas):

Who would have ever conceived it to be the case that the majority of Ivory Towers in the United States of America had been successfully invaded and taken over by Grocho and Harpo? Yes, unfortunately—after reading this book by the same name—I think it so.

Honk Honk LaRue, Paris, France

Where do testimonials come from.

When this author compiles his next book: Letters to the home Planet, let me know please because I want to read it too.

Yor, Planet X

If this were a Movie could you find someone from somewhere to say:

If this author’s sequel is, No, his next question surely has to be: Is spiritualism with religion possible?


Someone else from somewhere else says:

If you ain’t happy within 5 years of reading Yes, you are too stubborn for your own good.


“Yes is the first scientific description—written from the inside—of the interface” he said thrusting his left hand forward as if it were a wedge or a large knife about to be thrust between him and t.h.e.y (they, the group of Pharisees questioning him with raised shotguns aimed at his mind). Of an interface “between Philosophy and psychology in—” he paused to hand paint the backside of his knife hand blood-red with philosophy and then the palm side grass-green with psychology and then rather than thrust it into the bodies of his inquisitors as you might recommend he swirled the right hand around the knife and rolled it into a fist and punched the air saying “man’s soul”.

The Pharisees laughed at him and pulled their triggers in unison.

Since skulls are thick, no one could hear the shots.

The Author


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